Patricia Brake NUDE

Patricia Brake (born 25 June 1945 in Bath, Somerset, UK) is an English TV actress who first came to attention playing Ingrid Fletcher the daughter of Norman Stanley Fletcher in the award-winning BBC sitcom Porridge. She also appeared in the same role in the spin-off Going Straight.

She subsequently appeared in many TV sitcoms and dramas (including 2point4 children and the much derided Eldorado). Since 2005, she has appeared occasionally in Coronation Street playing Danny Baldwin's mother, Viv.

In the United States and prior to her breakout role in Porridge, she was best known to TV viewers as Julie Pinfield, the British film actress who caught the attention of an American guy who had to pretend to be a woman in order to meet her after she returned to England in the short-lived 1968-1969 ABC sitcom, The Ugliest Girl in Town.

Patricia Brake

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